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Lake Hartwell Fishing Forecast for April 2022

Report Date: March 22, 2022

Water Temp: 59
Water Level: Full pool
Water Clarity: Clear in main lake, stained in backs of creeks

Fish are moving shallow. Fish are preparing to spawn. Fishing gets easy as so many fish are up shallow. Lots of hybrids and stripers make a spawning run up the main rivers but many will stay down lake and drop their eggs in shallow water. Largemouth and spotted bass will make beds in shallow water throughout the lake. This goes on throughout the month as they don’t all spawn at the same time. The key is to fish shallow.

In March, I fish the afternoons as the water warms through the day and fish move up shallow later in the day. When we move into April, the mornings become as good as the afternoons. By mid-April, the mornings become better. But the fish can be shallow and active all day.

For hybrids and stripers, live blue back herring on free lines make fishing easy. Especially around main points, shoals and other ambush locations.

Crappie fishing peaks as they spawn around wood, rocks and other shallow structure.
Whatever is your target species, look shallow in April.

Capt. Preston Harden
Lake Hartwell, GA

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