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July 21,2010

Report Date: July 21, 2010

July 21, 2010
Striper Report
Lake Hartwell
2 feet below full pool
87 Degrees surface temp.

Stripers are in their summer pattern and should remain deep till the water cools. Last year the pattern held till mid-October. Look in water depths of at least 40-50 feet deep. The fish have been in the bigger creeks and coves from mid-lake to the dam. There are still some fish further up, but the herring die quickly in the upper lake. The best bite for me has been in the 70-90 feet deep water. Fish may be suspended in the trees or on the bottom between trees. A good sonar is very important now. A good GPS with detailed topography helps locate channels, flats, points, humps and other bottom contours. Fish a live herring on a Carolina jig at the depth where you mark the fish on your graph. When it gets real hot in August and the fish don’t want to eat, try “power reeling” by reeling the bait slowly up through the fish. Then lower it back below with a jigging spoon or butterfly jig if you don’t want to use herring. A soft plastic fluke on a drop shot rig is another option if the fish are on the bottom. If they come up, throw a top water plug and work it fast.

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