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Report Date: August 28, 2013

Water temperature is in the low 80s
Water level is 1 to 3 feet above full pool

Fishing can be great if you are on top of the fish. Blue back Herring will catch hybrids and stripers one after another. It is more difficult to find fish this summer because the fish are scattered all over the Lake. Normal summers will have the fish stacked in the lower Lake. This year the water has not gotten hot enough to push lots of fish to the deep cool water of the lower Lake. Don't be afraid to look farther up the Lake and don't be afraid to look in shallower water.

There has been very little surface activity this summer with all the rain and high water. Hopefully by mid-September we will see some surface action. When they do come up in the surface, I will have a lucky Kraft Sammy in ghost minnow ready to throw.

This is also a good time to power reel with a big swim bait and big jig head. If you do not like to use live bait, this is a good technique when you find fish on the graph. Lower the jig down to the fish and reel back real fast. If they are not in too deep of water you can cast away from the boat, let the jig fall on a tight line, and then reel back real fast through the depth you marked the fish.

Capt. Preston Harden
Lake Hartwell, GA

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