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Stripers Not Feeding Well

Report Date: October 16, 2013

Water level is full pool
water temperature is 75°

Striper fishing has been tough for a few months. They have not been eating Herring very well. You can put Herring down in lots of fish and catch only a few. They have not been eating the bait like normal. They just seem to barely strike and most end in a miss.

The fish have been schooling for a few weeks, but they are eating 1/2 inch thread fin Shad and don't want a large bait. If you see fish knocking water 2 feet in the air they will eat a top water plug. If they are barely breaking the surface try something very small.

The water is starting to turn over and that will make fishing even tougher. Look for greener water. Turning water will be a dark Brown. The turnover completes in the creeks first and by mid November the creeks will be placed to go. By December the turnover will be complete. The water will turn a pretty green, the seagulls will arrive, and the fish move shallow and feed very well.

The long-term effects of all the rain and high water this summer will be very good. The bait fish population will boom with all the cover and food. This will make all fish species spawn well and grow fast. The fishing should get better for years to come.

Capt. Preston Harden
Lake Hartwell, GA

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